Warranty Policy

Warranty  Terms and Condition

  • Before buying any product from Ez Gadgets it is important to pay attention to the set of warranty policies mentioned below. Because the sale of any product means that the buyer has made the purchase in consent with the terms and conditions mentioned below. The product warranty that comes with a purchase is basically “Supplier’s Warranty”. It means the supplier is responsible for the warranty issues. Each of our suppliers has a different warranty policy. In this case, Ez gadegts are only responsible for selling the products to customers and helping suppliers to implement the terms and conditions of the warranty policy.
  • Buyer is responsible for shipping the product to our warehouse to claim warranty service. Ez gadgets will not take any responsibilities for return shipment.
  • By modifying the original product by any mean will void warranty.
  •  All products do not come with a warranty. Warranty is only valid for products purchased with a warranty for a given period of time, mentioned in the bill or invoice issued by Ez gadgets.
  •  Under the warranty policy, Ez gadgets will, at its discretion, repair any defective product within the warranty period. 
  • We cannot specifically mention how much time is required to complete the repair for the product taken under warranty. It can take 6-7 days or may take more than 30 days to complete the repairing process. The reason is we may have to import the required components. 
  • In case of an irreparable product, it will be replaced by another product of the same model.
  • In case of unavailability of products of the same model, the product will be replaced by an equivalent product of a different brand available to Ez gadgets. 
  • Ez gadgets will offer a product with better or equivalent specs in the case of unavailability of an equivalent product. 
  •  The customer will get a refund in case of irreparability and unavailability of products.