Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable keyboard

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Model: X87 Customized Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Number of Keys: 87 (Keys)

Interface: Type-C Wired

Support Plug and Play: Yes

Shortcut Key: Yes

Waterproof Function: Support Waterproof

Key Technology: Mechanical Shaft

Backlight Function: Mixed Light Effect

Whether Ergonomics Is Supported: Yes

Line Length: 150cm

Product Size: 350*130*30mm

Product Weight: Approx. 705g

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Monochrom RGB

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Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable keyboard is the best mechanical keyboard within your budget from ez gadgets!


Gasket Structure: Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable  keyboard  Gasket structure stops vibrations and provides an excellent typing sound; the Gasket structure absorbs vibrations through structural deformation and fundamentally solves the problem of high frequency vibration suppression.

Hot-swappable : Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable RGB Gasket Mechanical keyboard has TTC axle holders are hot-swappable, so you can replace the axle body as you wish.ALL 87  keys are hot-swappable and full key TTC axle holders are hot-swappable.

Triple Sound Deadening: 6mm memory rebound foam and EVA sandwich foam. Adding a double sound deadening material to fill the gaps inside the keyboard, effectively reducing cavity sound and improving the solid typing feel.

Memory Foam: Highly resilient memory foam with a dense and solid material. It has superb sound absorption and vibration damping properties, with a good sound absorption effect and good elasticity.

PC Shock Absorption: PC positioning plate to reduce low frequency resonance. The transparent PC positioning plate provides flexibility beyond that of metal and reduces low frequency resonance.

One-touch Switch: One-touch light/dual system quick switch. Supports Win and Mac OS dual system quick switch, keyboard lights can be switched on and off with one click.

Customised Shaft Bodies: A wide range of customised shaft bodies for a wide range of feel options. Meet the needs of customised users.

Fine-tuned Satellite Shafts: Carefully tuned satellite shafts, factory thick and smooth. Customised and carefully tuned satellite shafts make the major keys smoother and less wobbly, which can better enhance the hitting sensation.

Three Colours Available: Three colours are available, with a two-colour chassis design. Choose a different colour and have a different mood.

PBT Keycaps: PBT colour blocking keycaps with dichroic crafted closed-cell characters. Dry surface, fine texture, long-lasting wear resistance, far more durable than ABS material, long-lasting use of the surface does not grease. (White keycaps are ABS two-colour closed-cap.)

16 Million Colours: Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable keyboard has 16 million colours RGB dazzling backlight. Always on, breathing, wave following, sine wave …… A total of sixteen lighting modes are available, FN+\|adjust the backlight mode.

Dazzling Mixed Light: Dazzling mixed light backlight, multiple modes adjustable. Always on, Breathe, Wave, Sine …… A total of sixteen light modes are selectable, FN+|adjust the backlight mode. Xinmeng X87 Hotswappable keyboard supports software

Driver Customization: Custom macro programming, powerful. Rich light effect debugging and definable macro operations, macro programming supports the entry and switching of custom operations.

Full Key Conflict-free: Full key conflict-free, no fear of key combinations. All keys can be pressed at the same time without conflict, and the signal is processed in real time.

Separate Keys: The keys are separated from the cables and are ready to use when plugged in. The Type-C interface and separate cable and keypad design make it easy to take away and store at any time.

Dual Segment Foot Support: Dual segment foot support, free height adjustment. With the two-section foot support, you can freely adjust the height to find the most suitable input height for your comfort and efficiency.

Package List:

1*Mechanical Keyboard

1*Key/Switch Puller

1*Type-C Line

1*Dust Cover


Additional information


Cedar white, Lavender, Sea Mist, Sea mist ( Monchrom RGB )


Peach Switch v2 (Linear like red switch), Lime Shaft ( tactile like brown switch ), BROWN Switch, G Yellow, Kailh Crystal Burgundy Pro Linear

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  1. Rifat Hossain

    Fantastic keyboard in this budget. Probably the best you can get. Perfect for modding. Has a pc plate and gasket mount for that thocky sound. But might consider changing the switches if you want to make it thock since this has silent switches.

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