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VXE Dragonfly R1 PAW3395 Wireless

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name: VXE Dragonfly R1 series
Model: R1 SE/R1/R1 Pro/R1 PRO MAX
Equipped with chip: Shanghai Botong/Nordic 52840
Weight: R1 SE/R1 (51g)/R1 PRO (48g)/R1 PROMAX (54g)
Sensor: PAW3395/PAW3395SE
Connection method: Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth
Continuous working range:
35h (R1SE)/40h (R1)
75H (R1PRO)
150H (R1 PROMAX)
Size: 120. 6mmX64. 0mmX37 , 8mm
Compatible systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

Packaging Accessories:
R1 SE and R1 Regular Edition:
① Wireless Receiver ② Charging/Data Umbrella Cable ③ Help Manual ④ Warranty Certificate

① Wireless Receiver ② Charging/Data Umbrella Cable ③ Receiver Extender ④ Small PTFE Foot Patch

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>High-Performance Lightweight Gaming Mice Series.

>Flagship-Grade Gaming-Series Sensor(PAW3395/3395SE).

>Nordic Master Control Chipset.

>Ultra-Low Latency Performance.

>Up to 4K Return Rate(R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max).

>Up to 2K Return Rate(R1 SE and R1).

>Versatile Connectivity.

>Low-Delay SmartSpeed X Wireless Connectivity.

>Delicate & Rich Matte Finish.

>Premium Kailh and IceBerry Powder Switches.

>Lightweight Design(as low as 48 grams).

>Incredible Battery Life(Up to 150H).

>Dimensions: 120.6x64x37.8mm.

VXE DragonFly R1 series is a brand new series of lightweight gaming mice. The series has four products, R1 SE, R1, R1 Pro, and R1 Pro Max. The series brings us the goodness of flagship-grade PAW3395 and sub-flagship PAW3395 SE optical sensor. They support versatile three-mode connectivity for easy connection with different devices. VXE has featured its exclusive SmartSpeed X low-delay wireless connectivity for a smoother and more stable connection with wireless mode. The VXE R1 series is perfectly suitable for every scenario, they offer a maximum return rate of up to 4K offering silky smooth tracking and accurate movement.

Lightweight Design:-

VXE DragonFly R1 series features a lightweight ergonomic symmetrical design for all four models. The lightest one is the R1 Pro at 48 grams and the maximum is the R1 Pro Max at just 54 grams. With comfortable ergonomics, the comfort level of each model is excellent.

Flagship-Grade Optical Sensor:-

VXE has featured exclusive flagship-grade PAW3395 and PAW3395 SE(sub-flagship) optical sensors on the R1 series gaming mice. The PAW3395SE is featured only on the base model(R1 SE), the remaining three feature the PAW3395. Both these sensors offer excellent performance with a maximum DPI of 26000 on the PAW3395 and 18000 on the PAW3395 SE model.

Nordic Main Control Chipset:-

VXE R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max models adopt Nordic high-performance 52840 main control chipset. They offer excellent performance with stable connectivity and a  lag-free experience with better power efficiency. They enable a maximum return rate of 4K(require 4K receivers to be purchased separately).

Maximum Return Rate of 4KHz:-

VXE Dragonfly R1 series of gaming mice offers an excellent performance with a maximum return rate of 4K on the R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max models. The base R1 Se, and R1 models offer a return rate of up to 2K. Please note separate 2K and 4K receivers have to be bought for this upgrade.

Versatile Connectivity Options:-

VXE DragonFly R1 series offers convenient connectivity options. The R1 SE and R1 models have three-mode connectivity(Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired), while the premium R1 Pro and R1 Pro Max offer dual-mode connectivity(Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired) modes. They all are compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

Incredible Battery Life:-

VXE Dragonfly R1 series provides incredible battery life for users. The R1 Pro Max has the largest 500mAh battery while the other models adopt 250mAh batteries. The R1 Pro Max has a rated durability of over 150H and the base R1 SE has a rated durability of 35H. R1 has a battery life of 40H and the R1 Pro has a battery life of up to 75H.

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VXE R1 SE White, VXE R1 SE Black, VXE R1 Pro White, VXE R1 Pro Black, 4k Dongle


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