Ironcat(Incott) HPC01M/HPC01MPro Hot Swap Mouse

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    >Versatile Three-Mode Connectivity(HPC01M).

    >Convenient Dual-Mode Connectivity(HPC01M Pro).

    >High-Performance Flagship PAW3395 Sensor.

    >Premium Gaming Performance with Precise Accuracy & Smooth Tracking.

    >Swappable Micro-Motion Left-Right Switches(HPC01M Pro model).

    >Smooth Bearing Scroll Wheel.

    >Silent Clicks.

    >Replaceable Two-Color Logo Cover.

    >RGB Lightning DPI Indicator.

    >100% Smooth PTFE Feet Stickers.

    >Lightweight & Ergonomic Design.

    >Outstanding Battery Life.

    >Maximum Battery Life: 94 Hours(HPC01M Pro), 40 Hours(HPC01M).

    >Number of Keys: 8.

    >Default DPI: 400-6400.

    >Response Rate: 125Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 4000Hz(only HPC01M Pro).

    >Weight: Approx 57 grams(HPC01M), Approx 60 grams(HPC01M Pro).

    Gamers rejoice, we have the all-new Ironical HPC01M and HPC01M Pro wireless gaming mouse. HPC01M Pro is an innovative mouse, it allows you to easily replace the micro-motion switches present underneath the Left and Right buttons. The HPC01M has fixed switches. Both these mice are equipped with the latest-generation PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor that offers great gaming and office use performance. They are designed to provide a super silent clicking experience!!

    Get Your Personalised Experience With The Pro Model:-

    Ironcat has equipped the HPC01M series of gaming mice with high-quality micro-motion switches. Both models come pre-equipped with high-quality Huano micro motion switches. The HPC01M Pro model allows for easy replacement of the switches with included screwdriver and micro-motion switch puller. Users can easily replace the switches with TTC Micro-Motion or Omron Micro-Motion switches.

    Convenient Connectivity Options:-

    HPC01M series of gaming mice support versatile connectivity options. The basic HPC01M model supports three-mode connectivity featuring Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB connection modes. The HPC01M Pro model supports dual-mode connectivity featuring high-speed wireless 2.4GHz and wired connection options. You can connect both the mouse with a variety of different sources.

    Smooth & Accurate Flagship Sensor:-

    Ironcat has equipped the HPC01M series of gaming mice with high-performance PAW3395 flagship optical sensors. Both have excellent accuracy and offer silky-smooth tracking. Every movement is registered precisely and you get proper accuracy suitable for gaming. PAW3395 enables high-speed tracking at 650IPS and fast 50g acceleration.

    Lightning DPI Indicator:-

    Ironcat HPC01M series of gaming mice feature a lightning DPI indicator that glows in different colour options based on the active dpi settings. This RGB indicator is placed neatly at the top of the mouse and supports a swappable logo button.

    Incredible Battery Life:-

    With both models in the HPC01M series of gaming mice, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out anytime soon. The HPC01M mouse has a rated battery life of up to 40 hours while the HPC01M Pro has an amazing battery life of up to 94 hours with a single charge.


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